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    Machining characteristics of wood pellet biomass particles
    Published:2014-8-1  Views:1500

    Followed by national power to determine strategic positioning, China will bring in the critical bioavailability. China, as a large agricultural country, the value of crop straw progress year by year, the disposal of straw into new rural construction was formerly the most difficult to handle questions, indiscriminate disposal of misplacing not only a waste of resources straw burning pollutes the environment, but also caused a series of social questions . Strong national policy background, the implementation of straw deep processing projects, conduct straw feed, straw coal, building materials and other green fodder straw, national tax policy support, dispose of the straw disposal briefly brought troubles, but also looking to the new venture income project . Now the deep processing of straw stalk shredders, machines included in the scale of financial subsidies. This is about people with lofty ideals interested in biomass energy development, as good as an excellent business opportunity.
    In the process of processing biomass pellet fuels, wood pellets we found that each job wood pellet machine parts will exhibit the following characteristics: material into the first station is the feed particle machine room, feed room play a cache of material and feeding effect, the end of the material to the grinding rollers grab the wedge angle of the feed. There are two characteristics of the feed room, one feeding a broad space for special kneading biomass material supply of large diameter pressure rollers space, but also for loose biomass material supply of feed space; Second, the effect of gravity directly principles of efficient feed useful. Like such as sawdust, branches, tree branches and straw powder crushed material of this kind of biomass material, crude fiber content is high, light and loose, easy feeding. Wide feed chamber, the primary energy supply for the material feeding a wide space. Secondly can promise equipped with a large diameter roller, then grab angle increases, according to estimates, about 75% porosity, light and loose material itself, which made ​​space for feeding high demand. Flat molding machine has a wide feed room, fully satisfied with the machine needs.
    Secondly, the material is fed into the process of falling under gravity effect of natural processes. Do not need to force feed, material can be directly fall on suitable kneading station. This feeding method was significantly better than the ring die pellet mill, ring die machine at work, corresponding to the needs of different materials are exploring the corresponding guide plate parameters, material properties change slightly, guide plate must change, which constraints on the material of the ring mold machine adaptability. Flat model of the movable roller in a flat die granulator, a flat die is fixed on the base, the material is extruded from the die orifice is stopped, the particles constituting the cutter after being cut. The ring die pellet mill, ring mold is rotated, the rotation of the ring mold particles are often thrown in the cabinet, some particles are smashed, molding rate. Thus operating methods flat die pellet mill die Zhongping stop conducive to the advancement of the particles forming rate. As a center of operations granulating machine components, layout parameters flat die is not suitable direct resolution of the particle mass is good or bad. Not the same as the processing of material, the equipment is not the same as the template should be. However, the smaller the particle density, and the quality is worse. The aspect ratio is too large, then simply plugging machine. From practical experience, with the same kind of material goods produced in the same standard, flat die thickness is much smaller than the ring mold.

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